The Amazing Health Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens

We are living in a world where technology has enabled us to do advancement in many areas especially in the field of medicine. A lot of pharmaceutical companies today are able to manufacture drugs and supplements out of various materials - often from animals or plants. Herbal medicine has been extremely popular recently; these are typically supplements that were synthesized with the use of plants known to have therapeutic effects. One plant that is known for its wide range of therapeutic effect is the Mucuna pruriens.

Mucuna pruriens belongs to the family of legumes. But this is not the kind of plant that you can just normally spot anywhere near your garden. It is usually found in the forests of tropical countries lin Africa and the Caribbean. It is also abundant in India, and is in fact one of the main agricultural products of the country. This Indian herb is also popularly known as cowitch and velvet bean.

This plant does not have any outrageous appearance at all. It can be generally characterized as a climbing shrub, having long vines that can reach up to 15 meters long. It has these orange prickly hair-like projections that cover the seed pod. Coming in contact with these orange prickly hairs can cause severe itching which can be attributed to the plant's chemical component known as the macunain. Amazingly, despite its spiky appearance, M.pruriens can produce astounding flowers which can be in the color of white, lavender or purple. These flowers contribute to the visual property of the plant.

For most parts of the world, M.pruriens is commonly used as a soil fertilizer. This is due to its nitrogen content, which is an element known to have good effects on agricultural lands. Also, this plant is occasionally used as a food source for animals. Usually, the seeds are dried and are used as feeds. And, to all coffee lovers out there, you might want to consider this plant in your list of must-try stimulant drink. This shrub can be used as an alternative to coffee.

What is remarkable about Mucuna pruriens is that it has numerous health benefits that can be very useful in our present time. One of its health effects is that this plant is known to improve sexual functioning. This is probably a good news to those having problems with their sexual life. It increases men's endurance. It also increases libido for both men and women. So, if you want to spice up your sex life, you can ditch stuff like Viagra and go all natural with Mucuna pruriens.

Another health application of this plant is its antagonistic property against snake venom. From the studies conducted, it was found out that taking a daily supplement of this plant can reduce the effect of some snake toxins circulating in our system in the event that a snake bite occur. In some ways, this can serve as a prophylactic practice especially to adventurous people who love to spend their time out in the woods.

And would you believe that this drug can also render help to those people having the toughest time of their life. It was found out that Mucuna pruriens contains levodopa, a precursor to dopamine, and serotonin. These substances are known as neurotransmitters responsible for the improvement of mood, sexuality and movement. This is probably the reason why it is now considered to provide relief for those suffering from Parkinson's disease as well as those having depressive episodes.

Mucuna pruriens is indeed a wonder plant. It has numerous uses not only in terms of agriculture but most importantly, in pharmacology. Although, there are a lot of plants that also claim to have beneficial effects on health, Mucuna pruriens remains to be one of the most favorable since it posts lesser adverse side effects as compared to other herbal plants.

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